Make A Great Race!

Do you enjoy giving back to your community? Come volunteer for the spectacular SPACEROCK Trail Race. We are looking for good people who would like to help make this a great race experience and support the runners. If you are first time rookie, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in between, we welcome you to join the volunteer team. We will train you and have a blast!

Volunteer Positions

  • Course Aid Stations (20 positions)
  • Course Sweeper  (2 positions)
  • Staging Setup (3 to 5 positions)
  • Parking & Bus Crew (4 to 6 positions)
  • Wrap Up (4 to 6 positions)
  • Photographer (3 to 5 positions)
  • Videographer (1 to 2 position)

Volunteer participants will receive exclusive SPACE CREW shirts and goodie bag, volunteer training luncheon, plus earn FREE entry credit to next year's race!

*Volunteers can not run and volunteer at the same race.

Mark S.

Mark Shaffer

Of all the races I've volunteered for this was by far the most well organized event to date. Thank you for going above and beyond to keep us comfortable and happy. Well done! Looking forward to working with you at future races.

Avg. Rating | Volunteer

Volunteer Registration

To volunteer simply complete the form below and we will get in touch with you with further details a few weeks before the race date. Together we can create an awesome race experience for everyone, thank you for your support!



Huge thank you to our spectacular SPACE CREW. We have the deepest sense of honor and gratitude for everything you did to help create a spectacular race experience for everyone that came in touch with the SPACEROCK Trail Race. This event would not have been possible without your efforts and contributions. Hands down the best SPACE CREW we have ever worked with, we hope to work with you again for a future race.

2017 CREW
  • Abigail Vasquez
  • Alex Jr Alvarado
  • Alexander Vasquez
  • Alma Rabago
  • Anne Norda
  • Armida Uriarte
  • Audrey Milliner
  • Barbara Karpp
  • Caren Cummins
  • Carolina Huerta
  • Catherine Baradi
  • Charity Miranda
  • Cisco Ponce
  • Damaris Marquez
  • Dana Suro Ng
  • Destiny Davidson
  • Elizabeth Agazaryan
  • Elizabeth Magee
  • Fabe Solorzano
  • Fabian Solorzano
  • Gabriela Solorzano
  • Heather Binns
  • Jake Miranda
  • James Mitchell
  • Jennifer Hurst / Zimmerman
  • Jessica Calhoun
  • Josh Patterson
  • Joy Redfern
  • Kaia Miranda
  • Kaia Redfern
  • Katherine Cheng
  • Kim Holeman
  • Kimberly Soria
  • Kristen Faison
  • Liz Fuentes
  • Lois Garrett
  • Lupe Hernandez
  • Maika Rush
  • Maria Guerra
  • Maria L Sanchez
  • Marisol Cabral
  • Mark Solorzano
  • Martha Davidson
  • Melissa Tampus
  • Michelle Loo
  • Myriam Alvarado
  • Natalie Tangner
  • Nicole Leyesa
  • Noe Guerra
  • Patricia Alvarado
  • Patty Rodas
  • Qian Zhang
  • RM Reasor
  • Ronald Velasquez
  • Roy Norda
  • Samantha Jarkow
  • Scott Scherr
  • Sean Finegan
  • Shadow Dragu-Mihai
  • Sheny Espino
  • Shinya Nakata
  • Stephanie Ayers
  • Stephanie Scherr
  • Stephanie Yoshida
  • Tasha Riley
  • Tina Hernandez
  • Tuula Norda
  • Vicky Hanneman
  • Vince Tsao
  • vincent tsao
  • Westie Carroll
  • Wilson Ngo
  • Zoila Pineda
2016 CREW

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