A race medal and swag from a race should be special, something that commemorates your experience for completing the race at an iconic location. For every race, we go out of our way to create spectacular medals, shirts, goodies and little surprises that runners love.

When you cross that finish line and receive your medal, we want you to think "WOW! That was an amazing race and this medal is spectacular!"

Below is a preview of the race swag from past years, each year will feature an original design and unique theme. Register today and earn yours at the race!

2016 Finisher


Here's a sneak preview of the 2017 SPACEROCK Trail Race swag that participants will receive.

2017 Medal

2017 Medal

Featuring a unique double sided design combining a detailed Vasquez Rocks with the space sci-fi theme and our celebrity alien Sixsixone. Guaranteed to be a favorite among runners!

2017 Race Shirt

2017 Shirt

Be out of this world when running in this spectacular galaxy race shirt featuring our race sponsors on the back.

2017 Goodie Bag Preview

2017 Goodie Bag

We are bringing back the same bag style as 2016, but now in a vibrant alien green.

2017 Prize Preview

2017 Trophy

1st place male and female finishers of each distance receive this beautiful Vasquez Rocks sculpture on a custom SPACEROCK Trail Race base.

Legacy Club Patch

2017 Legacy Patch

To honor our legacy runners that run each year, they will receive this awesome SPACEROCK Trail Race patch.

2017 Alien Shirt

A spectacular limited edition alien green shirt for the 2017 race featuring Sixsixone alien. Now available to purchase!


For the inaugural SPACEROCK Trail Race in 2016, participants earned a spectacular medal, race shirt and one of the best goodie bags from a race, a retro sci-fi bag that is perfect for your running gear!

2016 Medal

2016 Medal

A hefty brass medal design featuring the iconic Vasquez Rocks and SPACEROCK logo with a galaxy ribbon.

SPACEROCK Thrive Shirt

2016 Shirt

Combining the iconic Vasquez Rocks with the galaxy in a full print design that wraps around from back to front.

2016 Goodie Bag

2016 Goodie Bag

A retro sci-fi gym bag in bright orange and white colors featuring the SPACEROCK logo and sponsors.

2016 Buttons

2016 Buttons

Half Marathon & 10K runners received a surprise button that they picked up at the half way point of their race. Just a little thank you for being a part of the race!

1st Place Trophy

2016 Trophy

1st place male and female finishers of each distance received a custom 3D printed map with the course they ran.

SPACEROCK Galaxy Shirt

2016 Finisher Shirt

Limited 2016 finisher shirt was available for purchase featuring a full galaxy design with the SPACEROCK A icon on the front, logo on the sleeve and slogan on the bag.

Race Day: Saturday, October 13th, 2018

Register today to secure your spot, we look forward to seeing all the runners for an out-of-this-world trail race!


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