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Giving Back

Our organization, New Global Adventures, believes that we need to give back to the world. While our events focus on giving runners an amazing race experience, we also want to give back to our local community and when possible to those in need around the world.

By running in the SPACEROCK Trail Race you will be supporting the following charities. We have a soft spot for animals and kids in need. Help make a difference. A portion of the race proceeds will go to these charities, plus you can choose to make an additional donation when registering, of which 100% will go to the charity of your choice.

Show your support by registering to run today!

Wildlife Waystation

Wildlife Waystation

The Wildlife Waystation is a 160-acre private animal sanctuary located in the Angeles National Forest just north of Los Angeles, California. Home to over 400 wild and exotic animals comprising over 125 different species. The dedicated staff and volunteers are devoted to providing a place of refuge, healing and safety for animals in need. This sanctuary is supported solely by the generous donations of individuals and foundations worldwide.

Global Adventure Kids

Global Adventure Kids is a cause that is close to our hearts to help kids in rural locations to provide education resources for their future. Giving tools to build new schools, bring educational materials such as books and tablets. The initial project will provide support in Yubeng, China, near the location of our sister race, SHANGRI-LA Marathon, in the eastern Himalayas in the Yunnan province of China.

A few pictures from our 2017 trip to China, donating to the White Mountain school and orphanage.

Chow Chow Rescue is a community resource dedicated to the betterment of the Chow Chow breed of dogs. Providing resources and connections that lead to helping rescue and place Chow Chows in need around the world. Also providing a destination for education, information, and a global community that allows Chow Chow owners to better care and raise their Chow Chows to be well socialized, healthy and loyal pets.

Extra Donations

In addition to contributions from every race entry, we would like to give special thanks and honor the following participants who made an extra donation when registering to support the charity of their choice. Great job on using the SPACEROCK Trail Race to give back and make a difference, you are all superstars!

  • Albert Rodriguez
  • Alexander Macdonald
  • Amanda Csiszar
  • Boris Larreta
  • Carrie Chasteen-elfarra
  • Chris Blagg
  • Chris Spenker
  • Cintiantl Rangel
  • Dana Suro Ng
  • Daniel Spitzer
  • Danny Csiszar
  • Elaine Meyers
  • Elizabeth Ann Erler
  • Ettore Berardinelli
  • Gail Woodward
  • Kelly Littrell
  • Laurie Baggao
  • Lisa Macdonald
  • Lisa Marlowe-carr
  • Lynn Lowe
  • Michelle Berry
  • Mickey Woomer
  • Nicole Purcell
  • Olivia Montano
  • Trevor Kent

Running For A Good Cause

Show your support to help give back by registering to run the SPACEROCK Trail Race today!

Run Long and Thrive